Is Blogging Still Hip?

Way back when, in the last century, I was working at KMBC-TV, when a person approached my desk to ask if I’d be interested in writing something called a weblog. This particular person had been put in charge of the strange mystery world known as “social media.” At least, it was strange to me. Like something out of The Twilight Zone. The fact that this person insisted on wearing a trench coat, smoking a cigarette and speaking paragraphs filled with dramatic pauses and clever turns of phrase confirmed my suspicions. (Although, to be honest, her name wasn’t “Rod.”)

Below is not a photo of Rod Serling or the aforementioned social media producer. It is young, pre-blog, KMBC me.

This is not Rod Serling or the aforementioned social media producer.  This is young, pre-blog me.

When she asked, “How ‘bout a weblog?” I replied, “Sounds like something you pick up with a baggie if you walk a mutt named Web.” This exchange goes a long way to explain why management types rarely engaged me in any type of conversation.

Not-Rod patiently explained that this would be a little story or bit of information that that they could post on the station’s website. She pointed out that the main guy, Larry Moore, anchorman for the ages, was writing one. I pointed out that Larry would actually have things of value to share. Things like news insights, community events, gardening tips. She said I could write about weather. Then, we both laughed.

The upshot is that I started writing a weblog. Or, blog, as the kids say. That was my first foray into the world of the web. Now, with this website and a tab at the top called “Blog,” I hear the voice of that early social media producer at KMBC, asking, “Well, are you going to write anything?”

In that last paragraph, I used the word “tab.” Do people still use that word with regard to writing or typing or keyboarding? For me, Tab will always mean that diet cola from the sixties. My brothers thought the name was funny and would order it at restaurants just to say the name to the waitress or waiter. (We lived in a small town where dinner theater was non-existent, so this had to suffice.)

But, I digress. Digression was one of my majors in college. I do have an entire blog ready to go about my struggles to find a soda pop I liked but that will have to wait for another day. Pretty enticing right? No wonder I got a B-minus in my “How to Write News Teases” class.

The point of this collection of letters and punctuation, is that I will be writing blogs again. In this space. Some of you may remember the old ones on the KMBC site. I didn’t save any of those but the subject matter is still floating around my brain and will, undoubtedly, come out at some point. I will also be able to share some new stories about family life with grown children and grandkids.

When I was a kid, “screen-time” meant now long you could push your face up against the screen door of your neighbor yelling, “Can Keith come out?” before Keith’s dad threw an ash tray at you. But, I hope, you will spend some of your screen-time here.

Now, I have to go walk the dog. And, no, his name isn’t Web. It’s Yule.