Remembering A Veteran

That's my Mom and her big brother, the last time they were together. His name was Winten...but everybody called him Pic.

Like many of my Mom's brothers and sisters, Pic served during World War Two. He carried the pain of his service for the rest of his life but never complained.

Of her 11 children, all of whom she adored, my Grandma always said Pic had the softest heart.

Uncle Pic made a big impression on our youngest son, Harrison. When the kids were little, we would visit Pic and his family down near Springfield, Missouri. Harrison was addicted to The History Channel as a young boy. Especially, the WWII era...he had a poster of Winston Churchill on his bedroom door.

For Harrison, Uncle Pic was the living connection to those times. They didn't talk a lot but Harrison would sit and listen and look. One question Pic did answer was about his nickname. It was a boy, little Winten loved pickles. So, he became Pic. A sweet, funny story told by a gentle man.

After Pic passed away, Harrison, as part of a 4th grade worksheet, had to fill out a box labeled "Something I've Lost." He wrote: "My Uncle Pic who loved pickles and was in the war. I have his picture on our refrigerator so I remember."

Not a bad way to define Veterans Day. So, we all remember.